New Group Made For Our Military

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New Group Made For Our Military

Post by Poppy on Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:38 pm

First, I like to thank you for your service and welcome to our group!

This is a brand new group, that's just getting off the ground, so bear with us. There's lot's more to be done, but were off to a good start never the less. As you look though the site, you'll notice that some of the forums are locked or closed. There's a reason for that, it's called "Security" Only active members can see them, while some have to apply for other ones, like our "Free Fire Zone" this is due to that anything goes in that forum, it's not for the meek!

There's a "Chat Room" at the bottom of the group's page, that will be open for all to use, (even quests)

I will be adding more to this forum as time goes by, so those who are here, stop by often
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